Understanding “How it works” is a critical aspect in technical translating. Based on extensive experience in field operations and in diverse working environments and cultures I deliver technical translations in a wide range of disciplines around three main themes: agriculture, environment and mining.

In addition, from the locations and conditions in which I have worked, I have developed a strong awareness and commitment to Health and Safety and the skills to translate these issues.


​English to French Translations

     Technical translations

  • Bilingual bulletins on locust surveys and situation.

  • Training materials for international workshops, for example on locust control.

  • Environmental Impact Assessment studies (EIA).

  • Safety design philosophy. HSE procedures and incident reports.

  • Monthly and weekly progress reports.

  • Scope of works. Specifications. Datasheets. Material requisitions.

  • PFDs (process flow diagrams) in Microstation.

  • Construction drawings.

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT).

  • Valve and control valve specifications.

  • Operator screen and interface for control rooms.

  • Functional descriptions for distributed control system (DCS).

Personal documents

Personal letters, records and certificates, CVs, driving licences.

Being NAATI accredited, I certify my English to French translations if you require stamped copies for your administrative procedures.

Antipode Translations is a sole-trader practice, and absolute confidentiality of your documents is protected. I comply with the AusIT professional Code of Ethics, which stresses the importance of confidentiality and impartiality.

Advantage of the time difference

The Eastern Coast of Australia is 10 hours ahead of most cities in Europe, and nearly a day ahead of most places in the USA, Canada and French-speaking Caribbean islands.

As its name suggests, Antipode Translations is on the other side of the world and can be working for you while you sleep to make your translated documents available for you first thing in the morning.

Understanding your needs

Have you experienced the frustration of explaining your requirements, again and again, to different persons? Here, at Antipode Translations, you deal with only one person, who understands your needs, deadlines and expectations. I am entirely in charge of your project, and we communicate throughout the process when need be. My aim is to build a working, personalised relationship with you, and work with you to achieve a successful translated project.

Specific tasks

Your needs can be even more specific. For example, because I grew up in Cambodia, I was able to deliver French translations of half a million words on Buddhist readings, which I successfully adapted from a series of Japanese to English translations.

I will help you find a solution to such needs.

Other specialised translations

I have at times assisted with legal and medical translations, as well as French to English translations. Alternatively, I can direct you to excellent practitioners in these specialties, and they will be able to meet your needs and high standards. Receiving some guidance may save you time in your choice of a translator.



"I thought I would just pass on to you feedback we got from our client, thanking us and saying that the printed profile was "extremely well received" by their clients and partners. Always nice to get good feedback."